Vidéo science et lien climat-santé (La Chaîne météo)

Vidéo science et lien climat-santé (La Chaîne météo)

I am a TV, web and mobile media professional and a specialist in extreme weather and environmental phenomena. Please watch my videos on national channels and my own video productions for the web and social networks.

My youtube channel

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Self-produced "home made" videos for social networks.

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Interviews for other web media

[The small video feed problems, related to an HD webcam too powerful for the conference site, were resolved after]

[Animation of a bilingual French-English program lasting 1h30 with an American director of science fiction TV series]

Reports from the USA

Promotional video for an environmental product.

[Video streamed during the 2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress]

Duet "Youtuber" video

Video in English


My TV videos


Future jobs in energy, I hosted a conference about jobs in renewable energy and spoke about the impact of fossil energy and greenhouse gas on climate change, event organized by Seinergy Lab and Renault Refactory, March 2022 :  

Host and speaker at the Weather and Climate International Forum, may 2022 at Paris : I hosted a conference about stormchasers and thunderstorms safety and spoke in another one about the communication of TV presenters when it comes to climate change.  

Communicating climate change in the media (June 2021), co-organized by: International Weather and Climate Forum, EUMETSAT, the World Meteorological Organization and European Space Agency.

I hosted an international round table online, in English, for an audience of experts from 90 countries :

Original version in English

French version