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Vidéo science et lien climat-santé (La Chaîne météo)

Vidéo science et lien climat-santé (La Chaîne météo)

I am a TV, web and mobile media professional and a specialist in extreme weather and environmental phenomena. Please watch my videos on national channels and my own video productions for the web and social networks.

My youtube channel

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Vidéo TV

My WEB videos

Self-produced "home made" videos for social networks.

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Interviews for other web media

[Interview KONBINI about the summer 2022 heatwave

[Voice for a video about a weather disaster in Normandy, 2022]

[The small video feed problems, related to an HD webcam too powerful for the conference site, were resolved after]

[Animation of a bilingual French-English program lasting 1h30 with an American director of science fiction TV series]

Reports from the USA

Promotional video for an environmental product.

[Video streamed during the 2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress]

Duet "Youtuber" video

Video in English

Vidéo WEB

My TV videos